we hope to inspire you
to make your story with us.
About Us
We strive to create an environment where you can share
your concepts and ideas with respect for one another.
We want to share what we inspire ourselves and how we inspire you.
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We are trying to lead the hospitality industry in sustainability  delivering quality food and drink with as lower impact as possible.  
Our roots are found in the impor/export of various origins, certifications and regional green coffee.
However, we have extended our services in not only coffee but other various Agriculture products for industrial, and retail market.
However, we are open to other avenues of Business.
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Soldot No.8
We always aim to achieve superb coffee,
quality foods and the considerably chosen items to go with it.
We showcase great flavours, carefully sourced and created drinks.
Finding local growers, artisans and creatives wherever possible to offer amazing flavours.
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Inspiring others to learn and think beyond the cup of coffee.

To think beyond the cup is to understand the farming, the exporting, and the proceses of making coffee.

Our passion is to pass this knowledge to those who desire it.
All are welcome to learn from the tree to the last drop in the coffee cup.
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We are looking after each other, make life better for our neighbours and do what we can for those who have less.
Work with local suppliers wherever possible and those who’s ethos and goals align with ours.
Recognise and elevate the artisans that create, nurture, brew, and prepare amazing produce.
We want to be the best place to work, the ideal spot to visit, and a great partner to work with.
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